Not All Weight Loss Is About Diet Or Exercise

In weight loss regimens, people usually rely on controlling their diet and exercising more. These are pretty important.


But there are other factors which may be the actual causes of excess weight gain in the first place. Improving them improves overall health and this affects weight loss in substantial ways.


Conquer The Stress In Daily Life

Stress is part of life, but chronic stress can become a serious cause of health issues including weight gain. The body has a natural response to stress that raises the levels of cortisol in the body and prepares it to deal with the situation at hand. However, without relief, these cortisol levels can remain raised. They begin a chain reaction that can involve higher blood sugar and raised blood pressure.

Other responses to chronic stress may also involve overeating and insomnia, and these definitely play against weight loss efforts. The phrase ’emotional eating’ describes just this situation.

It’s a behavior often passed down through the generations and takes awareness and strategy to overcome. Stress can lead to eating poorly, and then bad food choices can add to the stress. It becomes a self-fulfilling cycle! This is a cycle that can be conquered.


Cut The Clutter In Everyday Surroundings

Cluttered environments, whether they are at the office or at home, can affect thinking processes and behavior. Frustration from disorganized surroundings can add to an increasingly habitual stress. A cluttered kitchen most likely includes snack foods left out for easy access.

A disorganized office reduces efficiency. In fact, research studies have shown that people in a cluttered environment really do tend to snack more often. Clutter reduces mental focus. It raises the risk of getting distracted(especially by readily accessible food).

An orderly kitchen helps mealtime become more pleasant and less focused on food and more on the social joys of sharing mealtime together. A clean office space adds a noticeable touch of professionalism and gets office snacks out of reach.

Organizing a living or working space can help organize mental spaces as well. This helps a person gain greater self-control over other areas of their lives, including their physical health.


Keep Peppermint On Hand For A Pick-Me-Up

Peppermint in its oil form offers the essence of peppermint which energizes and awakens an individual’s dragging mental and physical systems. This lets a person treat their tiredness without extra snacking. It refreshes the body. It can improve concentration and lift moods.

Research has shown that smelling peppermint somehow reduces cravings for foods and lowers appetite. Just be certain not to rely on peppermint candies, which would just undermine weight loss efforts!

Get Some Sleep Before Trying Anything Else

Getting enough sleep is probably the first step a person should take when trying to lose weight. Getting enough sleep means less tiredness during the day, which means less eating to try and energize with food during the day.

It can ensure an increased ability to make judgment calls about eating, exercise, and the rest of life. Sleep resets the brain and the body’s responses to stress during the day. It allows cells to rejuvenate.

Sleep affects metabolism which in turn causes changes in everything from appetite, digestion, energy levels, and even fat storage. Protect the body’s natural circadian rhythms by setting healthy sleep habits.

Recognizing what triggers overeating is essential for changing behaviours that lead to long-lasting weight loss. Excess weight gain doesn’t start with taking in too much food. It starts with habits like staying up late, allowing stressful situations to get out of control, and literally letting things stack up around a person.

Take time for basic self-care. Set healthy new patterns that allow for sleeping well and reducing the emotional and physical clutter. Keep essential oils nearby. Above all, be patient with the effort needed to make real change.


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