Buying Unique Hoodia in Canada – Our Quick Guide

If you’ve spent any time at all researching appetite suppressants, you certainly have seen the name Hoodia Gordonii.
Discovered in South Africa, this prickly plant has time and again been proven to possess appetite-suppressing qualities.
UniqueHoodia - with 100% Hoodia Gordonii - our quick review
UniqueHoodia – with 100% Hoodia Gordonii – our quick review

Even in the Kalahari Desert, the indigenous San Tribe is believed to have utilized the plant before it embarked on prolonged hunting trips.

Scientists decided to investigate the Hoodia Gordonii and determine if its main ingredient could be isolated. The ingredient, P57, was capable of being extracted and has subsequently been reproduced in the form of a pill or tablet.

Today, there any number of different companies extracting the P57 ingredient and offering it as a weight-loss supplement—the best being Unique Hoodia.


How Does Unique Hoodia Work?

As each tablet of Unique Hoodia is absorbed and digested, your body begins sending signals that your brain interprets as you being full and no longer needing to eat.

UniqueHoodia suppresses your appetite helping you to reduce your weight faster
UniqueHoodia suppresses your appetite and helps you to reduce your unwanted weight faster

The sole reason for these signals is Hoodia Gordonii’s main ingredient—P57. There are many variations of the Hoodia plant, but only the Hoodia Gordonii possesses the P57 molecule.

What Makes Unique Hoodia Unique?

Of all the appetite suppressants on the market today, Unique Hoodia sits heads and shoulders above them. For one, many of those supplements claiming to possess the hunger-killing P57 ingredient are fakes.

UniqueHoodia Ingredients

Secondly, Unique Hoodia provides you with the highest daily dosage of P57 that we’ve seen offered in a supplement—800 mg!

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Using Unique Hoodia?

Users of Unique Hoodia experience a plethora of benefits. To begin with, each tablet offers a whopping 400mg of the Hoodia Gordonii’s P57. This ingredient reduces appetite and eliminates cravings.

Unique Hoodia reduces hunger crawings
Unique Hoodia reduces hunger crawings
Unlike competitors, Unique Hoodia’s ingredient is genuine Hoodia Gordonii powder and not an extract. Unique Hoodia also contains Bioperine, which improves the absorption rate of P57 by 30%.

In addition, Unique Hoodia packages its tablets in blister packs to improve freshness, possess certifications of authenticity, and stands behind its product by offering a six-month money back guarantee.

Is Unique Hoodia Too Good To Be True?

Unique Hoodia is certainly not a scam. For one, Unique Hoodia does not make outrageous claims like some of its competitors. If you hear claims of supplements offering “1000 mg of Hoodia”, you should think twice before purchasing.


Unique Hoodia is proud to stand behind its claim of offering 400 mg of P57 in each of its tablets.

Secondly, we certify that our tablets possess genuine Hoodia Gordonii powder and not extract. Make certain to pay close attention to the boasts of other supplement companies that offer “real Hoodia”. There are twelve species of Hoodia, but only the Hoodia Gordonii possesses appetite-suppressing properties.

How Does Unique Hoodia Prove Its Product Is Real?

Many manufactures simply do not have certificates to import genuine Hoodia Gordonii or attempt to falsify certifications. Unique Hoodia possesses not one, not two, but three certifications to prove the P57 it offers is real and confirm its origins.


All three certifications can be found on Unique Hoodia’s website. The Certificate of Analysis guarantees the tablets contain 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii.

The CITES certificate verifies that the Hoodia Gordonii comes from an authentic farm in South Africa, eliminating the chance of it being tainted by a middleman.

The Annex Certificate confirms that you are purchasing fresh, authentic Hoodia Gordonii approved by the USDA.


Where Can I Buy Unique Hoodia In Canada?

Unique Hoodia is only available for purchase on Unique Hoodia’s proprietary website. You will not find it on the shelves of your local vitamin supplier.

The "Real" UniqueHoodia can be purchased only at the official website
The “Real” UniqueHoodia can be purchased only at the official website

It may be possible to find Unique Hoodia offered on other websites such as Amazon or eBay. The company strongly discourages you from purchasing the product from a third party.

For one, Unique Hoodia is unable to verify that the product you are purchasing is the real thing. Also, the company is unable to provide its six-month money back guarantee for any purchases not made on the Unique Hoodia website.  Unique Hoodia accepts all major credit cards as form of payment.

Buy Unique Hoodia onlineFight the nasty hunger cravings and reduce your weight fast with UniqueHoodia

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